Tips & Tricks

  1. Destination group size should be at least more than X3 (triple) members than the target invite amount (For ex: if you want to invite 3K to a group, that group should be 9K, to minimize the risk and help invite process more smoothly)
  2. You should build the group to 4000-5000 members before try to invite, or if you try to invite to a small group, it can get limited after inviting 200-300 members (you can build slowly with fake members before inviting) [recommend build group enough 10K-20K if possible]
  3. If possible, you should invite for group from 1 month old to minimize the Telegram limits
  4. You should invite from 100-150 daily to minimize the risk of telegram limits
  5. We cannot guarantee group 100% will be safe when using invite members or not support warranty for any dropped members or limitations of the group during the boosting. Hope you understand when using this type of promotion

Recommend using the phone numbers that fit the country of destination group/source group to gain the best results.
For ex: use Vietnam accounts to invite Vietnamese members to Vietnamese Group, you can invite from 30-40 members/account

  • Under 10 (below average): happen when you invite for Groups from Asia, Eastern Europe, or some specific countries.
  • From 10-20 (average): normal results for most invite from English speaking Group with mixed members.
  • From 20-30 (good): happen when all that country of account, destination, source match.

Notes: To tracking the number of members increase when invite, please focus directly on Telegram Group statistics on App. Tool’s counting may not exactly because of some Telegram limits.

  • Please check again all setting and make sure you have disabled the setting of restrictions like “Restrict Saving Content“, “Request Admin Approval“, no set limit of time period/expire day of invite link or number of users join group. Also, Make sure you have visible chat history & enable add member in permission for all members
  • Please make sure the group doesn’t have captcha or antiflood bot.

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