Getting Started: How To Work

I> Step 1: Login Account

**Add Account: Click Add Account button and start login the account you use to join group & export members

II> Step 2: Join Source Group

Source group is the group you will join to export members (note: you cannot use group that hid member list)

Login your account on Official Telegram App (on desktop or iOS/Android) to join source group and pass captcha (if yes)

III> Step 3: Export Member

Click the Export Member button to direct to the export page

IV> Step 4: Start Export Members to CSV file

  1. Choose the Filter Status
    • Online in 24h
    • Online in 3 days
    • Online in 7 days
    • Who chat in group: export those chat in group in last 1 month
  2. Click the download button of the group you want to export
  3. Wait & save the CSV file to your computer. (sometime it may take to up to few minutes to export depend on the group size)

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