Getting Started: Setup Admin Panel & Run

I> Step 1: Setup Admin Panel

**To Run CSV: Click Drop list and choose your target csv file

(This box always has a default CSV file, please don’t leave it blank. If you leave it blank, tool may not run correctly)

**Source: Input source group pụblic username (If you use a source group, it must be a Telegram public group and not hide member list) or 1 (if your source is an CSV file)


If the Source is a CSV file, then the INPUT = 1

If the Source is a Telegram Group like, then the INPUT = IcosaCrypto

**Source Type:

    1. Choose Group if you use a source group as source
    2. Choose CSV if you use a CSV file as source

**Destination: Input Public Group Username or Invite Hash String

Ex 1: >> INPUT = kucoin_exchange

(Destinatoin Type = public)

Ex 2: >> INPUT = 8Yf1xo5yimQwNGNl

(Destinatoin Type = private)

**App API: Default (don’t change anything)

**Source Total: Total members of Source Group or CSV file

**Target number: INPUT = any number > 1

(Though you input 1 or 100, it will not afffect anything to the tool running)

**Page: INPUT = 1 (when start a new source) or INPUT = the page number that you stop (if you continue an old source)

Note: Stop when you reach MAX PAGE

+ For Source = Source Group

Max page = Source total/100 if Source total<10,000 members;

Max page = 99 if Source total >10,000) ; When you reach max page of the source, you must change new source group.

+ For Source = CSV Max page = Source total/100

II> Step 2: Save Button

Click the Save button to save changes

III> Step 3: Refresh / Reload Page

Refresh (F5) page after 10s and start using software

IV> Step 4: Reset Button

Click the Reset button if you want to reset and set new group info

V> Step 5: Start Invite

  1. Choose the Country of Phone number
  2. Click Run to get an account & start invite

Telegram account will start adding members after appear on client-server

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