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Send Bulk Message Telegram

Your account keeps SAFE because we won’t use it for bulk sending. We won’t even ask you for a login and password. All messages will be sent by our network & accounts.

No, all messages are sent using virtual numbers provided by the Telegram service team. Therefore, there is no requirement for you to provide your own Telegram account to send messages.

Yes, please contact our Telegram live support now to sign up and get a free trial for messaging 40 targeted Telegram users

You can use the Service Send Bulk Message Telegram to send your proposal and advertising message directly to users on Telegram. This method is very practical for selling goods & services and promoting your business/project on Telegram. Also, it can help you increase Brand awareness for potential audiences on Telegram

Using the Telegram Bulk Message Sender Software designed and implemented by Makele’s programming team, we send your advertising messages to targeted users. There is no limit to sending messages to your audiences who will be interested in your project.

Unfortunately, our Telegram services team can only provide a report on which contacts the message has been successfully delivered to, and has no control over the recipients’ reactions or responses. If you would like the recipients to communicate with you, you simply need to include your contact information at the end of your message.

We can only extract publicly viewable information. It should be noted that some members may have hidden their usernames or do not have a username at all, thus making it impossible to extract their usernames.


Therefore, for group-related orders, such as sending messages to group members and extracting usernames, we ask that you provide us with a group (which does not hide the member list) that has at least 3-4 times more members than the number of members you wish to target in your order. For instance, if you want to message 1000 members of a group, you must provide us with a group that has at least 4000 members.

If, despite verifying our company’s credibility, you remain overly concerned about the precision of the requested services, you may add some usernames of yourself or your acquaintances (at random) to your username bank. This way, you will receive messages and be assured that your order will be fulfilled.

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