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Notes after Placing Orders

1- Send us your target audience file to send message

A CSV file (username) or target groups (not hide member list) to export target audiences

2- Send campaign/message details to our Telegram support

  • Your list csv (list username)
  • Target groups to export member (in case you don’t have a csv file)
  • Message text (One message length – max up to 4,096 Latin characters include space for text-only or max 1024 characters include space if attaching an image): recommend under 500 characters for optimizing the display of the message
  • Link in message text: (1 link)
  • Image in message text: (1 image max 512kb)
  • Custom Account Profile (custom profile name, image, bio): your project logo… (profile image should be in telegram format requirement)

3- Track your order status from our Telegram Support

After you purchase an order, we will contact you to schedule your order delivery to perform your requested services.

4- Report the result

After your order is delivered completely, you will receive a report including a log message text file, and a CSV of successful and failed usernames (the number of successful usernames will reach your target number ordered)

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